Simple Method for determining
Umbrella Coverage Need


  Step One:
Add up your assets to determine your Total At Risk

Equity in your Home / Condo $
Personal Property $
Investments $
Savings / Checking $
Future Wages $
Total Assets at Risk $

Step Two:   
Now add your Auto Liability limit and current Personal Umbrella limit and subtract

Auto Liability Limit $
Personal Umbrella Limit (if any) $
Total Assets at Risk $
Negative number = Gap $
Step Three:
Let’s do the same for your Personal Liability exposure.  Add our Personal Liability    (Home/Condo/Renters) with any current Personal Umbrella limit then subtract your Total Assets at Risk limit    
Personal Liability Limit   (Home/Condo/Renter) $
Personal Umbrella Limit (if any) $
- Total Assets at Risk $
Negative number = Gap $
If you have a negative number, you have a Gap in limits.  You have more Assets at Risk than protection from your insurance.   Contact us about ways to fill the gap.
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